My Projects


A website designed to create a community centred around F1. Users can participate in quizzes on a wide range of topics around F1 and connect with other members.

  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Tableau
Project 1

Personal Assistant Chatbot

A tool that will read any content for you and help you answering questions, offer suggestions or search for specific terms!

  • Google Collab
  • OpenAI
  • Pinecone Vector Databases
  • Python
  • NLP | LLM
Project 1

Film Festival LAnding Page

A landing page used for our college's Film Festival Matsuri. We were visited by over 300 new visitors and used this website to showcase information about our fest and its dates.

  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • Google API
  • Python
Project 3

About Me

I am a passionate Engineering student studying at the Manipal Institute of Technology. With a strong drive for knowledge acquisition, I actively seek opportunities to expand my horizons beyond the boundaries of my curriculum. My aspirations revolve around exploring new music, encountering books and movies instilling life-changing experiences, and delving deeper into Artificial Intelligence, Web Development (specifically Front End), and Travelling.

My Resume